Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Eye Mask Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 Headphones Music Travel Sleeping Headphones Handsfree Sleeping Mask with Built-in Speakers Microphone Washable

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Sleep Mask Headphones- what for?

if your bedroom cannot completely be shaded by black-out curtains and you want to sleep in

if you want to listen to your music without having to wear additional headphones

if you cannot fall asleep because your partner Snoring or wants to read or watch TV

if you want to sleep while travelling, e.g. on airplanes or in trains

if you are looking for perfect relaxation during yoga, wellness or meditation


Sleep Headphones allows you to listen to music without wearing additional headphones and earplugs. A good helper for you to eliminate fatigue, improve sleep and give you more energy to work and study. Fits different kinds of occasion such as indoor, outdoor, camping, or when you are taking all kinds of transports .