Car Seat Belt for Pregnancy Bump Strap Prevent Compression of The Abdomen Protect Unborn Baby Maternity

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Sturdy & Reliable: This bump belt is made from the same fabric and type of buckle used in standard belts, so you can be sure it's every bit as strong as your existing restraint system. This pregnant belt adjuster is very sturdy and reliable.

Easy To Install: The pregnant belt is easy to install. It doesn?t take extra time to unstrap and re-strap, so that it is more practical for daily use. This bump belt adjuster can be fastened tightly in car seat, and it's not movable, and no matter you are petite/skinny, or full-figured.

After-sales Support: If you are not happy with the product for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact us. All issues will be solved within 24 hours. Your satisfaction is our top thing. Best gift you can ever give a mother to be. Give your baby protection . we recommend you buying two If you are switching seat,( like from driver to passenger, or have 2 cars), so you don't have to remove and install it every time.If you have any problem with this product , please contact us .

Multifunctional: This bump belt adjuster is also perfect for people who suitable for anyone having had abdominal or stomach surgery, caesarean section, medical ports or procedures to the midsection. This belt adjuster can effectively reduces abdominal discomfort and pain.

Safer & Comfortable: This bump belt adjuster just changed your original belt's position and transfers the force acting on the abdomen to the thigh, which makes the abdomen more comfortable, and protect unborn baby. This pregnancy belt allows pregnant driver to focus on driving, as well as makes pregnant passenger more comfortable and safer.

Product description:

Pregnancy Car Seat Belt Maternity Seat Belt Strap Extender for Pregnant Women pregnancy safety belt for Baby Protection Maternity Car Belt Adjuster


1. Our belt adjuster makes the belt sit across the thighs, instead of over the belly which causes much discomfort for growing bellies
2. The pregnancy seat belt bump belt allows pregnant driver to focus on driving, as well as makes pregnant passenger more comfortable and safer
3. The bump seat belt build by strong ABS Plastic and strong Nylon Belt.
4. Suitable for 99% Cars / Vehicles
5. Easy to install and use? Install is easy . Car seat belt can be fastened tightly in car seat.It retains the original security function of the car seat belt, and make Pregnant women feel free and safety.
6. Designed for pregnant moms: For pregnant women, big beer belly,  stomach surgery, caesarean section, or some people with surgery in the abdomen, it can help reducing discomfort and pain while driving.
7. Versatility: Fit all cars , truck , vehicles , SUV. It can install on driver seat and passenger seat.

If you are switching seats/cars a lot, (like from driver to passenger, or own 2 cars or more), we recommend buying two in one time, so you don't have to remove & install it every time.

Please Note:
1.The adjuster's belt should be put in the gap between the seat and the backrest
2.Then the belt should be moved underneath the seat. Make sure that the belt is not twisted
3.The end of the belt should be looped through the upper and lower hole of the buckle
4.The belt should be tightened strongly by pulling it downwards.

Material: ABS+Polyester webbing
Size: 21*8*6cm
Weight: 280g

Package includes:
1 x Pregnancy Seat Belt