2 in 1 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Headphones Outdoor Portable Mini Sound Box TWS Stereo Subwoofer Music Center TG808

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1. Magic speaker system design, amazing dual-power built-in low frequency amplifier design, medium and low frequencies are more shocking, with better sound quality performance.
2. Use advanced Bluetooth audio decoding chip to support mobile phones, tablets, TVs and other Bluetooth devices Pairing to play music, the Bluetooth transmission distance is greater than 10 meters.
3 Support hands-free call function, built-in high-sensitivity microphone, so that mobile phone calls have an extremely smooth call enjoyment
4. Support U disk and TF card music playback, MP3 decoding, support full code frequency playback of MP3 format:
5. FM automatically searches and stores radio stations, built-in FM radio module. Can automatically search and store radio stations, saving time and effort:
6. Support AUX audio input, provide you with computer speaker functions:
7. Support TWS series connection function
8. With Bluetooth headset charging compartment

Accessories description: one speaker, one pair of earphones, one charging cable, one AUX